Cluedo Slot

Cluedo Slot is one of the most popular highly mysterious slot games on the globe. This slot game is for more experienced slot players who aren’t bothered with smaller pays in their drive for bigger rewards. Bigger rewards can mean
(5x and 25x) bigger. There’s also an extra Seven Bar symbol added to the reels.
Cluedo Slot takes a player back to the times of their childhood when searching for answers was exciting and the anticipation of actually discovering them was even more thrilling. Cluedo offers players an old favorite as well as an opportunity to spin for a 25,000 coin jackpot. With amounts ranging from [$1.00] to [$25.00], players will find themselves in situations uncovering huge amounts of money.

The tantalizing graphics of Cluedo Slots brings all of the charm of the board game, with all the familiar characters, weapons and rooms. Symbols shown on the reels are the Cluedo symbol, Mrs. Peacock, Miss. Scarlet, Colonel Mustard, Professor Plumb, Reverend Green, the dagger, revolver, rope, spanner, candlestick and the lead pipe. The competition to win the jackpot of 25,000 coins is enough to keep players on their P’s and Q’s while solving mysteries. The hopes of a huge payout is always a gambling motivator.

Cluedo Slots has fifteen pay lines. There’s no auto play feature, but there’s tons of excitement to keep players spellbound. The first three pay lines in this slot run horizontally through the top, center, and bottom spot of the slot’s five reels. The rest of the lines run in an array of diagonal and horizontal mixtures, giving the players a number of ways to strike a winning combination.

There are lots of payouts to be found in Cluedo Slots. A player’s win is increased by the number of coins wagered per line. The jackpot is rewarded when five wild symbols show up on a single pay line and pays 25,000 coins. Cluedo symbols are rewarded with 2500 coins for five symbols, four pays 500 , three pays 75 , two pays five coins and one pays two coins. Five Miss Scarlet symbols pay 1,000 coins to the winner, while four pays 250 and three pays 70 coins.

There’s no doubt about it, Cluedos Slots is worth every penny of a player’s money just to enjoy the graphics and test their wit. Virgin casino is the online casino to play Cluedos Slots.

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